Ben Scott Turner is a Somerset (UK) based record producer, engineer and musician. Known for his work with top-tier noise rock bands, most notably Part Chimp and Hey Colossus, he also has credits across a spectrum of genres from indie to punk and metal. During his career Ben has had the privilege to work with the late Mark Lanegan, John Parish, Head and Rob Ellis.

Ben began his musical journey playing drums and piano at age seven in his hometown of Staines. He started playing bass guitar in bands a few years later, after a move to Somerset. Ben learnt the techniques and craft of recording while at Yeovil College and spent countless hours at nearby ‘Small World Studios’. Inspired by this experience, Ben chose an entrepreneurial path, halting formal music education to found his own studio ‘The Old Ice House’ in Yeovil. Ben later moved to Bristol working freelance for 10 years, at studios including J and J, Rock Field, Hackney Road and Ali Chant’s Playpen.

In 2019 Ben had the opportunity to take on and develop ‘Axe & Trap’ Studios in Wells, where he currently operates from. Ben is comfortable working with both analogue tape and with digital tools, typically adopting a hybrid approach to blend the best of both worlds.